City of Riviera Beach Municipal Beach Park

2GHO is responsible for the site plan and landscape design as well as the dune restoration for the 16.95 acre stretch of beach located within the City of Riviera Beach, a redevelopment of this popular beach site.  The recreational beach park has been redesigned with many amenities which did not exist before. The park’s entry plaza was designed to incorporate interactive fountains covered by shade sails which provide visual identification and a sense of arrival for the park.  Secondary entries host trellises and plenty of shaded benches creating great spaces.  The redesign of the park allowed for many new amenities including picnicking, improved life guard facility, storage for police and sea turtle advocates, restroom facilities, showers, and the ability to host large outdoor concerts and volleyball tournaments.

One of the main goals during the park refurbishment was to restore the dune and improve sea turtle protection.  This beach historically caused sea turtle havoc due to light intrusion around and the between the dunes.  Thus, in addition to the redesign of the dunes to provide closure and screening, retail site and building lighting was modified, assuring that sea turtle safely nest water ward of the dune line.  All walking surfaces are accessible with a special low impact pervious crushed stone paths on the dunes and surrounded by restored dune vegetation.

The completed park hosts thousands of residents and visitors each weekend who come to play, picnic and swim.  This paired with the redevelopment of the commercial strip, Ocean Mall, has led to notable success for the Riviera Beach CRA and an award from the Florida Redevelopment Agency in 2011, the Roy F. Kenzie Award for Outstanding Rehabilitation, Renovation or Reuse Project.

Florida Redevelopment Association Award

Gentile Glas Holloway O'Mahoney & Associates, in asssociation with Catalfumo Construction and Development and the City Council of Riviera Beach for there roles in the redevelopment of the Municipal Ocean Mall and Beach Park. the project recieved a 2011 Roy F. Kenzie Award as one of the best by the Florida Redevelopment Association.

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