Alternate A-1-A Jupiter

2GHO is responsible for the landscape design of the expansion of Alternate A-1-A, a 4.8 mile stretch of roadway connecting Indiantown Road on the north to Donald Ross Road on the south in Jupiter, Florida.  The road improvements included taking a 4 lane uncurbed divided roadway into a six land curbed median roadway.  Train tracks parallel the roadway with several gated communities on the other side created a challenge.  The Town of Jupiter received grant monies from the Metropolitan Planning Organization for a trees only project where it was discussed not to include irrigation.

Meeting with the gated communities resulted in monetary contributions which allowed the project to include irrigation and some decorative shrub material for color and texture at focal points.  With a price tag of $750,000, the final product pleases commuters and residents of the area by bringing interest to the median and away from the train tracks.

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