Dyer Landfill Reclamation

Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates, Inc, on behalf of Palm Beach County, is responsible the coordination of all disciplines involved with this unique restoration project. In addition 2GHO provided master planning services and landscape design.  The Dyer landfill reclamation project was initiated in 1988 when Palm Beach County closed the landfill to waste management use in order to construct the new resource recovery facility and landfill.  George Gentile, principle of 2GHO, began the process of developing an “end use” plan for this site that included both passive and active recreation uses.  Those uses included restoration of the historical wetlands, creation of an educational native habitat, a golf driving range, BMX bicycle track and the reclamation of over 12,000 native trees which were placed on the site.  This project received national recognition, numerous awards and was featured on ABC’s America agenda program with the restoration of New York’s fresh kill landfill.

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