Max Planck Research Institute


Gentile Glas Holloway O'Mahoney & Associates, Inc. is responsible for the development of site plan development including building siting and parking layout for this six (6) acre site with over 100,000 gross square feet of research and development space, a notable $64 million dollar facility. At the core of research are emerging fields of biosensing and bioimagining bringing together researchers in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and computational sciences. The project received LEED Gold certification in late 2012 through a unified team effort which can be seen on the site with bio retention for stormwater drainage system, native plants in natural ecosystem patterns and re-use irrigation water. The assure the health of the employees, various outdoor spaces have been created including a roof top space with a 36’ tall Greenscreen wall and other plantings.  The ground plane hosts large and small gathering spots and areas for sitting and playing board games and offering a variety of light and shade conditions for all times of the year in Florida.  A continuous walking path circumvents the site for exercising opportunity.  Bike racks are numerous along with strong pedestrian pathways (scaled for golf cart use) to the neighboring Scripps Campus and the Florida Atlantic University Honors Campus.  If arriving by vehicle one can park closer if you use a fuel efficient vehicle or carpool!  As a biotech facility, the mechanical requirements mandate a large service yard and this has been screened by a 12’ vine covered Greenscreen.


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