Sugarland Wind

Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates, Inc., a premiere Landscape Architectural Design, Planning and Environmental Consulting firm established in Palm Beach County,  managed,  processed and obtained approval of a conditional use application for the first Wind Energy Facility in the State of Florida.

“This landmark decision by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners at their meeting of March 22, 2012 sets Palm Beach County as a leader in advocating renewable energy” said Senior Partner and Company President George G. Gentile, “ a direction that will produce clean energy and reduce carbon emissions, while providing a stable alternative source of electric power”.

This first of its kind in the State of Florida, as well as, Palm Beach County will produce 200 megawatts of electric power, enough for approximately 65,000 homes. Wind Energy Developer, Palm Beach County Project, LLC  a subsidiary of Wind Capital Group estimates as many as 350 temporary construction jobs during the development of the facility and 15 to 20 permanent jobs upon completion of construction.

Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1988 by George G. Gentile in Jupiter, Florida and has provided design, planning and permitting services to both Public and Private Clients alike in their 24 years of service. As with this renewable energy facility, the firm prides itself on sustainable design solutions.  Mr. Gentile also provided site planning and development approvals for the North County Regional Resource Recovery Facility which provides electrical power from the processing and burning of solid waste in Palm Beach County.

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