Sustainable Design

At Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates, Inc. (2GHO) we believe people and the environment are part of same continuum. Sustain one, sustain other. We strive to improve Quality of Life by balancing and enhancing resources for our clients’ success while respecting community, environment, and ultimately our future.

2GHO with environmentally responsible landscape architects and planners, is dedicated to creating sustainable built environments, landscapes and outdoor space that protect our natural resources. Great efforts are made to direct clients to design their projects in harmony with nature through building placement, landscape selection, and low impact development (LID) principals that promote creative uses of water, resource conservation and energy efficiency. The firm is ready to think beyond the conventional systems with accredited LEED®AP BD&C professionals to assist in design of sustainable projects, whether that be for certification as a project, or merely preserve resources to have a more cost effective and efficient development.

With the recent direction by State of Florida attract bio-science research companies, Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Assoc. has been engaged to assist several organizations in planning consultation, for in monitoring and determining potential development sites and locations. 2GHO recently hard won county approval for a large wind farm in western Palm Beach County, the first is the southeast United States.  Our experience also includes master planning for the Scripps Institute and Max Planck Florida Institute in Palm Beach County and several nationally recognized Bio-Science and Laboratory Development Institutions.

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