Tierra Del Sol

Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates were the landscape architect for 1,330 linear feet of the Jupiter Riverwalk and a 20 unit high-end townhouse development on 4 acres, surrounded by the Jupiter Ridge Natural Area. During the site plan approval process, one acre (of four) was donated to Palm Beach County and designated with a land use of Conservation/Preserve to be continuous with the State lands.  The Natural Area and the donated land is high quality scrub vegetation with many diverse and protected species of plant and wildlife.  Prior to any development, protected species were identified and relocated successfully, including several Four Petal Pawpaw plants.   

The Riverwalk is a 15’ wide concrete path set within a 25’ wide piece of land dedicated to the Town of Jupiter.  The Jupiter Riverwalk is a partially completed 2.5 mile trail along the Intracoastal, connecting back to the beach at both ends and designed for use by active and passive recreational pedestrians and cyclists alike.  As the southern terminus, this portion of the Riverwalk is the link between water and the major roadway, US Highway One, as it travels adjacent to the sensitive preserve area on its western and southern sides.  The firm was responsible for site plan approval for the project, arrangements with County for land transfer, and design of Riverwalk including low impact lighting (bollards) and with the interpretive/educational kiosk addressing scrub vegetation and the role fire plays in this ecosystem.  Construction was limited to 12” off the concrete on the preserve side.  Landscaping on the non-preserve side used a palette of native plants.

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